Friday, March 27, 2015


Phuket was AMAZING. I think I have said that about everywhere on our trip, but if you are a beach, water and sun lover like we are Phuket is an absolute must. We stayed in Karon Beach at the Pacific Club Beach and loved it. Their pool was incredible - I think my favorite relaxing afternoon was drinking pina coladas in the pool with Preston looking out at the ocean in front of us and the Karon Cliffs behind us. It is about an hour away from the Phuket airport (and whatever you do do not do a shared shuttle from the airport) but so, so worth it. It is less touristy than Patong and full of fun little places to eat and drink.

As you can see above, the water was a perfectly clear shade of turquoise and was so warm. One day we took a speedboat to the Phi Phi islands which are a must if you are in Phuket. We went to monkey beach, relaxed on the sand with pineapple cocktails and tried to soak in the breath taking views as much as we could! We also got sunburnt crispy here (the sun is SO strong, I wore sunscreen and still got it pretty bad but not anywhere near to Preston). Preston's one scheduling complaint was that he wishes we would have spent more time in Phuket, so if you are planning your trip - 3 nights is not enough here. :)

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