Friday, January 15, 2016

Packing for Two Weeks in Europe

Oh Europe. Is there anything better?! When Preston and I got married, we both agreed that we didn't need to have the fanciest home, cars or belongings but that we did want to travel. Fortunately since we were on the same page we were able to save and have done at least one international trip every year that we've married. For most of these trips, we've done Europe and we've been able to get away for about two weeks each time. Here are my top packing tips for two weeks abroad...

1. Hard, rolling suitcase. This is something we've had to learn the hard way. The first time that we went to Italy, we thought it would be a great idea to use backpacks. HORRIBLE IDEA. I overpacked mine to the point where it was half of my body weight, and even if it is a normal size walking up 30 flights of stairs with a backpack is just no fun. After we got back from our last trip, we invested in the hard, durable plastic suit cases and it has been money well spent.

2. Straw hat. This is simple - hats are the best. Whether you want to block the sun from your eyes, avoid a sunburn, not have to do your hair or you just need a great accessory, a hat is the way to go.

3. Comfortable shoes are an absolute must. While I do bring my converse, I actually also bring ugly walking shoes that are as comfortable as they are hideous. We walk at least ten miles a day in Europe and having comfortable shoes makes it so much more enjoyable.

4. Scarf, also known as the most versatile piece of clothing ever known to man. Use it as a blanket/ pillow on the plane, head cover when the unpredictable rain threatens to ruin your hair, and of course, as an actual scarf!

5. Black Maxi. Enough said - this works in almost every climate, goes with almost any top and is SO COMFORTABLE. 

6. Mix and Match Bathing Suit. We always try to plan a few beach days in between cities on trips, and I like mix and match bikinis that give the option to switch things up without having to pack a different suit per day.

7. Black skinnies. J.crew pixie pants are the perfect travel pant. The feel like pajamas/ leggings but look nice enough that you can dress them up or down - they may be the most versatile thing I own.

8. Yeti cup! I am in love with this thing. Truth be told, I haven't traveled to Europe with it - only to California for a week and a few weekend trips since getting this for Christmas. It keeps water ICE cold and holds so much more water.

9. Packing cubes. These are a game changer. I do one for bottoms, one for tops, one for undies/ bathing suits and one for dresses and makeup/ accessories. It makes both packing and unpacking much more streamlined.