Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Bump Update: Weeks 11-13

Here is my third batch of weekly updates, these ones start in January and go through February Ignore typos/ grammar errors as I was excitedly writing everything that came to mind in hopes that I wouldn't forget anything!

Week 11

I swore to myself before I got pregnant that I would have Preston take cute, classy photos of my belly growth. HA. Sure enough, mirror selfies are all I seem to be able to coordinate and I am just fine with that! I think in 20 years it will be really fun to look back at these regardless.

Baby Size: A lime! It is truly amazing how much our little one grows each week this trimester. Preston will tell me fun facts like 'did you know they are growing nails or their fingers aren't webbed anymore?!' and I think it is the sweetest.

Feeling: Awesome! We celebrated Preston's birthday this week and had such a great time, it was special knowing it would be his last birthday just the two of us. We will have even more reason to celebrate next year! We also got to hear the heartbeat again and got news that all of our genetic testing came back looking healthy and normal for which we are so thankful! We also got our gender results, but had our doctor put them in an envelope and we are going to do something fun with them once we are both back in town!

Food Cravings/ Aversions: Aversions are still somewhat strong but much better this week than last. I have gotten used to not following my normal diet, but am trying to get protein and veggies in there when I can. I am looking forward to (hopefully) the aversions going away come the second trimester.

Symptoms: I woke up to a super broken out face on Friday morning, almost to the point of it being laughable! I haven't had skin like this since junior high, but it is so worth it. I hope it never sounds like I am complaining - I will take any symptom God gives me with a grateful heart, I know pregnancy and motherhood are a blessing that many women struggle with and I am incredible thankful to be able to do this. My breasts have stopped being sore (though they have definitely grown already) and my only other symptom is being way more hungry than I typically am.

Weight Gain: Back up to what I started at! (I was only down one pound last appointment, so not a huge flux but honestly this week has been the first time I've started to have my pants feel snug and definitely feel a bit thicker in the mid section.)

Projects: This week was operation special box/ memory clean out! I am great at getting rid of most things - clothes, kitchen items, you name it.... unless it is photos or momentos. They are my absolute most prized possession, which was clearly evident when going through all of my special boxes and finding just about every letter or note that has been written to me in my whole life. My mom did such a great job of documenting my childhood so I have tons of photos and school moments as well. I finally took the time to go through everything and purge/ sort out photos. I then got these photo boxes form The Container Store and organized everything by age and put it all in one special box bin. I made one for Preston, one for myself and then one for all of our wedding/ joint memories. It was such a great feeling to get this project done!! Preston also made a lot of progress on the man cave which will be turning into a playroom. He did some serious huffing and puffing (let's just say Morganizing as we call it around here is not is favorite activity!) but made a lot of progress.

Dear Baby: You are so treasured. I hope you always know how much you are prayed for, loved and cherished. Keep growing strong in there little one!

Week 12

I like to get the photos before I eat breakfast to show the true growth, but honestly I have like 60 seconds from the time I wake up to when I need food so that clearly didn't happen here! You can definitely see the bloat belly here, which I wish would stay put!

Baby Size: A plum! Grow, sweet babe, grow!

Feeling: Really good! I am in Palm Springs visiting my parents for the week and then headed to Santa Barbara this weekend for a sweet friend's bachelorette party. I am so looking forward to it!

Food Cravings/ Aversions: Honestly, it hasn't been too bad at all this week. I've heard that a lot of the first trimester craziness starts to faze out at 12 weeks and that seems to be the case!

Symptoms: My belly is growing! It is mainly after I eat anything and the progesterone kicks in and my belly bloats - I get excited nonetheless! I've had two people comment after I've had big meals that they can see the baby bump, which I love. Besides that, I am still hungry, hungry, hungry. I get full faster than I used to, so eating small meals often works great.

Weight Gain: Nothing yet. Every time I go to step on the scale I'm shocked I haven't gained like 10 lbs because I am so hungry and constantly grazing!

Projects: Both Preston and I are out of town all of this week (him in Miami/ Dallas and me in California) so not a lot of projects going on! Does looking for coupon codes for nursery furniture count? :)

Dear Baby: You are so, so, SO LOVED! By so many people - God, your dad and me, grandparents, aunts and uncles, cousins and friends. I hope throughout your whole life you constantly know how much of a blessing you are to us.

Week 13

Baby Size: A peach!

Feeling: SO insanely emotional. Ha! The beginning of week 13 was amazing - I was in Santa Barbara for a sweet girlfriend's bachelorette and had the absolute best weekend. Apparently the lack of sleep caught up with me on the plane ride home, which was delayed and when I found out I might be stuck in San Francisco for the night I couldn't help it - the tears came. It was the first time the entire pregnancy that I truly understand what people were talking about when they mentioned crazy pregnancy hormones/ emotions. It continued the next few days, I picked my sister up from the train stop on Tuesday and when she asked how I was the only thing I could manage to say without crying was, "Like a lunatic." All in all, not my best week by any means but so, so worth it in the grand scheme of things.

In more fun news, we are finding out the gender this week! I am completely thinking boy. It was kind of funny, when we were taking photos I got two blue balloons and two pink balloons and before we could take any pictures our pink balloons floated into the sky on accident. Is that a sign or what?!

Food Cravings/ Aversions: Nothing too bad at all, praise the Lord! Dare I say it but I think the strong aversions are gone. I am still much hungrier than normal which I sometimes find myself getting a little annoyed by - how can I possibly be hungry again?! I ate 45 minutes ago! Feeling very thankful to have nutritious food sounding good again so I'm not sustaining this sweet little one on Cinnamon Chex and apples alone. ;)

Symptoms: Emotions and an expanding mid section (at least I'm excited about the latter!).

Weight Gain: Up two pounds from my normal weight!

Projects: Continuing to purge now that we are officially in the last week of the first trimester! Preston sold his projector screen that was in the main cave turned playroom and I have two more things from the nursery to get rid of before we can start the fun of nursery decorating!

Dear Baby: Oh sweet little one, I love you so. I had the most morbid thought the other day, but as we were asking questions at the birth center tour it crossed my mind that if I passed away during birth it would be so worth it as long as you were safe. Of course I hope that doesn't happen, because I can't wait to kiss your sweet little lips and soothe your precious cries, but really it showed me just how much I love you already. You are cherished my precious peach!

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