Friday, February 12, 2016

Bump Update: Weeks 4-7

Here is my first batch of weekly updates, these ones start at the end of November and go through December. Ignore typos/ grammar errors as I was excitedly writing everything that came to mind in hopes that I wouldn't forget anything!

Since finding out that I was pregnant (and even before if I am being honest) I have absolutely loved reading and hearing pregnancy updates from other women. I love sharing in their joy, but also in knowing that I am not the only one experiencing crazy symptoms! I knew that I wanted to track mine, mainly for memory's sake but also to keep family and friends updated throughout the next several months! It has already been one of the happiest times in my life and I can't wait to continue to grow this sweet little one - what a blessing and a gift.

Now would be the time to warn anybody who doesn't love the words period or conceive that these pregnancy updates are probably not for you. :)

(This was actually week six, but was the first belly picture I have so we'll go with it!)

Week 4-5 
While I felt great pregnancy symptom wise, my immune system was definitely down and I caught a cold the end of week 4 that ended up turning into bronchitis. I am used to being able to kick things but quickly learned that your normal  immune system is very different once pregnant! I was having horrible coughing fits and was so nervous that I was hurting the baby. I couldn't sleep at all because I was up coughing, and then so worried that I would google 'can coughing harm first trimester baby' in the wee hours of the morning. After a week and a half of coughing and no sleep, I went to the doctor and was prescribed antibiotics which I cried over because my research told me that no amount of medicine is 100% safe in the first trimester. I am sure it was partial pregnancy hormones, but I had the absolute worst guilt over taking those pills. The doctor eased my fears a bit, but was stern in telling me that he wanted to treat it now because his concern was that it would turn into pneumonia which would be much harder to treat. Fortunately, within a week  they did work and I was cold free, PRAISE THE LORD. Besides that, I had zero symptoms and was completely overjoyed about the sweet precious little one growing inside of me.

Week 6
Once I felt better from the cold, I was so thankful to have no pregnancy symptoms (or so I thought). I had shared the news with my mom and sister and was having so much fun talking and dreaming about everything baby! Near the end of the week, I was at work eating my normal breakfast (sweet potatoes,  soft boiled egg, sautéed spinach with salsa on top) when out of nowhere the taste of cooked spinach appalled me. It was so repulsed that I had to throw the rest of my food away (I hate food wasting) and wasn't even able to think about it. Sure enough, the food aversions set in then and have been going strong since. :) I am very, very thankful that it is really the only strong symptom I have - my heart goes out to the sweet mommas who experience horrible morning (all day) sickness.

Near the end of this week, we also got to go to our  first ultrasound! It was a bit early because we were going out of town and I was SO happy about it. We had the sweetest ultrasound tech who  graciously spent so much time explaining everything we were looking at (she was even able to show me which ovary had produced the egg that became our babe). It was so amazing!!! We got to see our little tadpole on the screen and see the heartbeat (118 bpm) going strong. We also got to meet one of the doctors in our practice who penitently answered all of my 100 questions I had for her. :)

Week 7
I was so excited these week because we were headed to my mom's house for Christmas at the end of the week. I was starting a new job, so the week was more stressful and emotional than normal and I was looking forward to the holidays to relax and recharge. Food aversions were still going strong, with basically everything I normally eat sounding horrible. Nothing in particular sounded good, until I was hungry, in which case GIVE ME FOOD NOW. Fruit, flavored greek yogurt and everything carb-y were about the only consistent diet staples. No morning sickness, headaches, or crazy fatigue so three fist pumps for that! Overall, feeling so blessed that we get to go on this journey and thankful that in eight short months we will bringing home a sweet baby!

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