Monday, March 28, 2016

Bump Update: 20 Weeks, Half Way There!

Baby Size: A banana!

Feeling: Amazed! We are at the half way point of pregnancy which is a little crazy. The past few weeks have flown by and I am shocked we are already at this point. I truly love being pregnant and it has been really incredible continuing to watch my body grow to accommodate this precious boy. We had our 20 week anatomy scan which was the coolest. We got to see his sweet profile and his perfect little arms and legs.

Food Cravings/ Aversions: Nothing! I am a little less hungry lately though - still have a healthy appetite but nothing like how it has been. It is nice to be able to not have to plan my entire day around food. :)

Symptoms: Feeling plenty of precious kicks, my favorite feeling ever.

Weight Gain: Nine pounds at my 20 week appointment which is right on track with where it should be, but I do know that women gain at all different times during pregnancy so if you are way below or above I wouldn't worry too much.

Projects: We are just about finished with our registry! We are way early to the party, but Preston started it a few weeks ago to track the things we want to get ourselves and it has been pretty easy to add as we go (which is so convenient when veteran parents give us recommendations).

Dear Baby: Sweet little man, I love you so. It was so fun to see your precious face on the ultrasound this week. You proved to be quite the little stubborn boy when it came time to get more profile shots at the end of our scan and you promptly flipped over letting us know you were OVER IT. I love how active you are first thing in the morning - it makes me excited for morning walks and play time with you in a few short months.

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