Monday, March 21, 2016

Bump Update: Weeks 17-19

Week 17

(I somehow forgot to take a picture this week, oops!)

Baby Size: An onion

Feeling: I think this is one of the first weeks where I have a distinct, round baby belly in the morning when I wake up (not just after I eat) and I love it. When looking at other peoples pictures, it seems like it is between months four and five that the belly starts to pop and I am loving it! Aside from that, feeling wonderful.

Food Cravings/ Aversions: None, I LOVE FOOD. :)

Symptoms: Feeling awesome! A growing belly and a healthy appetite are really the only signs of pregnancy at this point. Oh! And some Braxton Hicks which surprised me - I had absolutely no idea it was a common thing to get them this early in pregnancy.

Weight Gain: Up five pounds! Every time I see the scale go up I laugh a little, I never thought I would be so thrilled with weight gain but it means things are moving along healthily so I am all for it.

Projects: The crib has been assembled! I absolutely love seeing his nursery come together and find myself peaking in there at all hours of the day just to daydream about him being here.

Dear Baby: Sweet boy, I pray for you all of the time. I pray that you will love the Lord, that you will know how loved you are and that you will be content with yourself. Whether you are a bookworm like your momma, an athlete like your dad, a musician, computer engineer, anything at all - just know you are loved.

Week 18

Baby Size: Sweet potato (You should know this is one of your momma's absolute favorite foods, I eat it daily and you will too!)

Feeling: Amazing. At the risk of sounding like a super crunchy, annoying hippy I do want to note that so far I have absolutely loved being pregnant. My parents were in town this week (house hunting, SO. HAPPY!) which has been a dream. It is so fun to talk and plan

Food Cravings/ Aversions: None at all, I'm starting to think that maybe cravings are a made up thing? Or I didn't get the memo and I should start pretending?! :)

Symptoms: Braxton Hicks (I get them when I am on my back so I have started to do modifications during work outs to avoid this). I think I'm feeling some movement but am not 100% sure - I am SO ready to feel him squirm around in there.

Weight Gain: Didn't weigh myself

Projects: Hmm, since my parents were here not too many big projects (unless you consider drooling over crib sheets for HOURS a project, in which case I definitely did that.) And I started reading Bring ing Up Bebe which is one my favorite parenting books ever (it may or may not be the only I've ever read too...).

Dear Baby: The weeks are starting to fly by and before we know it I will be snuggling you in my arms! I told your dad how much I love having this time of you growing inside of me, where it is always the two of us together and he got a little jealous. :) He loves you so much already and absolutely can't wait to meet you.

Week 19

Baby Size: A Mango!

Feeling: Sweet baby kicks. They are my favorite thing I've ever felt and I'm so happy you are practicing your karate moves in there. Keep it up! (Also, for any other first time mommas, every single birth forum and veteran mom described movement to me as flutters and bubbles. I think maybe when you feel them earlier that is how it is, but I must have skipped that because they absolutely feel way stronger than that!)

Food Cravings/ Aversions: Still none, even though yellow and orange bell peppers have been tasting so, so good lately. I normally get them once a month but lately they have been a weekly purchase.

Symptoms:  A growing belly and some crazy vivid dreams!

Weight Gain: +7, with a belly to prove it!

Projects: A productive Target trip with my sister and niece where I bought a side table to go next to the glider. It was the sweetest Target run of all time, my previous niece kept holding up things (pokemon backpack, candy, clothes) and saying, 'Momo, I think your baby will really like this.' My heart was melted. When we got home, she proceeded to write down a list of the educational apps I need to download when the baby is six months old so he can learn how to read. Ari is taking awesome care of you my little man!

Dear Baby: I've spent a lot of time this week thinking of how I want to raise you to be a strong, thoughtful, kind, independent man. Being a momma is a lot of pressure! But I know that is my goal, as much as I may want you to stay small forever, that isn't how it works. It is on my and your dad to raise you to be respectful, listen and obey, to treat people with kindness and to work hard. My sweet momma, your Mimi, tells me often the importance of discipline and my precious little man you will have your fair share of it. But I hope you know it will always, always be done in love. Thank goodness we have awhile before we have to deal with that - for now, keep growing and know that I absolute cannot wait to snuggle 24/7 in a few short months.

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