Friday, April 15, 2016

Bump Update: 22 weeks

Baby Size: Size of a coconut, 11 inches and 15.1 ounces - growing so much in there! 

Feeling: Really good! I was a little bit nervous about how my groin/ leg area would feel going into this week and we had big plans - it was our friend's Alex and JJ's wedding so I wanted to be ready for a super fun weekend. Fortunately I woke up on Saturday morning feeling great and we had the best time. It was such an incredible celebration and we loved getting to stand by our sweet friends as they said I do. Above are some of my favorite pictures from the whole pregnancy! 

Food Cravings/ Aversions: No cravings or aversions but oh man I was oh so happy to have Opie's at the wedding - the best BBQ in all of TX! The midwives that I see also have all of their patients fill out a week long food diary, which I finished up at the end of this week as well. Originally I was a bit of a skeptic because I have never done any sort of food logging before and I feel like I generally have a pretty good sense of what I put into my body, but it ended up being pretty eye opening. I realized my veggie intake was pretty lack luster on a lot of days, so I've started doing green smoothies again which I think is a great habit to take through pregnancy and into postpartum (and into toddler days down the road!).

Symptoms: While I do still feel great the vast majority of the time, the soreness/ heaviness in my groin area has stuck around. It is only really bad when I stand on one foot (like to put on undies or pants) or do a hard workout. I've found that I need to listen to my body, particularly during strength training type work outs, to make sure I don't work that general area of my body too hard. Relaxin (a hormone your body releases during pregnancy) is the culprit, as I'm pretty sure what I am experiencing is this. If this is the worst of pregnancy symptoms I am still very much counting my blessings! 

Weight Gain: Up 11 lbs per gym scale

Projects: Cleaned out the entire garage and it felt SO GREAT. I am not sure if it was officially nesting, but I do know that I would wake up at night thinking about how I couldn't wait to purge/ organize every single thing in there. I happened to get an email that our neighborhood clean up/ bulk trash day was the upcoming weekend and so the purging began! I couldn't be happier with how it turned out and now there is plenty of room for a stroller, storage and any other baby fun that needs to be kept in there. 

Dear Baby: I hope you know how much joy you have given me just from being your sweet, squirmy self. You were a wild man this week with your kicks, punches, hiccups and head butts and I can't wait to see all of your moves outside of my belly! I started to have a bit of anxiety about what something happening to you or you not arriving safely and I had to give it to God. My mantra early on was that if something terrible did happen in the future, it wouldn't take away the joy of this moment. I am praying for you often but soaking up every little minute of growing you right now little one. 

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