Saturday, April 23, 2016

Bump Update: 24 Weeks

Baby Size: An ear of corn. And my uterus is the size of a soccer ball this week (it is normally the size of a walnut), it is so incredible how much your body changes during pregnancy. 

Feeling: Really, really sad. We found out last Saturday that our precious Sebastian has lymphoma. It was not expected and both Preston and I are taking it really hard. I cried for most of the first 48 hours after we found out, something I don't think I've ever done before. I'm sure pregnancy hormones play a part in it, I am just having a really hard time accepting that we won't have our Sebastian with us forever. Preston and I got Sebastian together when we were still in college and dating. He has been with us in every home, city, state we've in lived in and has done multiple cross country moves and road trips with us. He was in our wedding and our baby announcement; we've gone through our whole adult life being the three of us. In the 6+ years we've had Sebastian, we've always dreamed of the day that Sebastian would be a big brother and how sweet and tender he would be with a newborn. Knowing that he may only get to love on our son as he grows in my belly has been really heart breaking for me. 

Food Cravings/ Aversions: Nothing! Yellow bell peppers have been especially refreshing the past couple of weeks and I have loved embracing my usual breakfast of sweet potatoes, eggs and avocado again! 

Symptoms: On the day that we found out about Sebastian's cancer I noticed that our sweet boy wasn't kicking or moving around as normal. It made me really nervous because he has been so active, so I drank orange juice and laid down on my left side per recommendations and still didn't feel a ton. Fortunately, he started moving around that evening and all through the night which was the most welcome feeling I have ever felt. After feeling his movements for awhile, I realized he had moved up (I had been feeling him super low) which because of my anterior placenta made his movements less noticeable. I'm thankful we have an appointment this week just to make sure little man looks great in there. 

Weight Gain: Didn't weigh myself

Projects: My mom and I put together a new media console in our living room. Our previous one was most certainly not baby friendly (the bottom drawers fell out pretty easily) so I am feeling VERY happy about this new, much safer addition. 

Dear Baby: Sweet little one, I'm heartbroken for you that you may not get to meet your furry big brother. He would love you so, so much. I've always imagined your sweet little hands playing with his slobbery mouth, putting you on his back to take 'rides' on him, and him protectively by your side as you sleep. I'm thankful that we will have plenty of pictures to show you of him - and tons of funny stories to share with you when you are older. Know that all of us love you so very much. And please keep kicking - my mama heart can't take any scares this week.:) I love you! 

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