Thursday, June 2, 2016

Bump Update 28-29 Weeks

28 Weeks

Baby Size: An eggplant! Around 14.8 inches and 2.2 lbs - getting SO big! This felt like the first week where I had a lot of strangers comment on my pregnancy which I loved! It seems like the third trimester is when people are 100% sure you are pregnant vs just ate a really big cheeseburger.

Feeling: Wonderful! We left the middle of Week 28 for our babymoon which we had been looking forward to for months. It was so fun to know that our next trip (at least besides quick weekend ones) we would be taking our precious baby boy with us. Emotionally, I feel like this season in our life is so incredibly joyful as we anticipate the arrival of Samuel, but also really hard as our precious Sebastian's health continues to decline. He has pretty much stopped eating, but still has his sweet-as-pie personality which makes it so hard for us to imagine life without him. We are so thankful to my parents who were able to stay at our house and keep him completely comfortable while we went on our babymoon - were it not for them there is no way would have gone. My mom slept on our couch every night that we were gone to be close to him, cooked multiple types of food to attempt to hand feed Sebastian (this has been our norm the last few weeks) and absolutely spoiled him with love in our absence. We are so, so thankful. 

Food Cravings/ Aversions: No cravings or aversions but definitely indulged in some of my favorite treats on our babymoon!! The Simon family rule that Preston and I put in place very early on in our marriage is that we eat ice cream or gelato daily on vacation. Let's just say I was VERY happy about this rule. :) If you ever go to Nashville, make sure to go to Jeni's ice cream - it was SO GOOD. 

Symptoms: Continued belly growth and some more general discomfort that comes with carrying a bowling ball around your mid section every day. :) Really, it is not too bad at all - especially when I am up and moving about. I have a yoga ball that I sit on at home when I have to sit down and work because I've noticed just sitting in a regular chair tends to bring the most discomfort. 

Weight Gain: +17 at my 28 week appointment, but they factor in the few lbs I lost in the first trimester. From my normal pre-pregnancy weight I am going with around +15 lbs. :) 

Projects: Oh boy. SO many fun (to me) projects going on. Preston has said on multiple occasions that he is excited for our babymoon so he can get a break from my nesting and how many projects I'm asking for help with :) The nursery is 90% done (only one wall that needs to be decorated), kitchen has been reorganized, backyard has been cleaned up, shed has been pressure washed to prep for paint, weeds have been pulled and drawers have been organized. I also washed and organized a huge box of precious baby clothes a co-worker sent me which made me feel way more prepared! 

Dear Baby: Samuel Jacob, you are such a treasure! I can't believe you will be here in less than three months. While we are over-the-moon excited for you to arrive, please make sure to stay put and continue growing for at least another 10 weeks - ok, sweet boy? 

29 Weeks

Baby Size: An acorn squash - 15.2 inches and 2.54 lbs. His main goals from here on out are putting on weight and brain development! I am a part of a few birth groups and to see people posting their birth stories for premies born at this time is absolutely crazy. I am so thankful that because of modern medicine those precious babes are able to live outside of the womb this early, but please stay in there and keep growing strong Samuel! 

Feeling: Amazing because we were on our babymoon for most of this week! It was so refreshing to take a step back from normal life and soak up time with Preston. For most of our marriage we have been very frequent travelers, but due to a combination of things (sick Sebastian, me traveling less for work, saving for a baby) we haven't been on very many trips this year so this was quite the treat! We loved our time together and came back feeling very rejuvenated - and so excited to love on our Sebastian! 

Food Cravings/ Aversions: No true cravings or aversions but from here on out I'm tempted to refer to ice cream as a craving because WHY THE HECK NOT?! :) Preston remains disappointed that I have not craved Taco Bell as that has been his hope for the pregnancy from the beginning. Sorry to be a disappointment, bud!

Symptoms: This belly keeps on growing! I've told Preston multiple times that I know without a doubt I will miss it when it is gone. It is so comforting to feel Samuel kick and know that my body is growing and sustaining him. 

Other symptoms would be that it is getting a bit harder to get comfortable at night. When I am up and moving around I feel great, but when I sit/ lay down I can't quite seem to get completely settled in. It is not too bad though and I am trying to think of the nights I don't get very much sleep as great practice for when Samuel arrives. :)

I should also mention that occasionally (maybe 1x a day) I get a shooting sciatic type pain in my lower back and one of my legs. It is kind of hilarious because it is really sharp and catches me off guard and I will make a 'WHOA' or 'HOLY COW' noise really fast and then be completely fine. It honestly only lasts half a second so by the time I register it it's gone which I would much prefer over constant, dull pain!  

Weight Gain: Didn't weigh myself 

Projects: The first part of the week was spent baby mooning, so my only project was beating Preston in cards and hiking beautiful Tennessee and North Carolina. :) Upon returning, I hit the ground running. I had been wanting to work on the yard primarily, but because of nonstop rain I had to focus my efforts inside. I got some things hung up in the playroom, hung up book ledges in the nursery (thanks mom!) and in one of our biggest moves - we got a new SUV! Preston had mentioned during our babymoon that the timing made sense due to trade in value of our current SUV and wanting something as safe as possible as well as a bit roomier for when Samuel arrives. He was definitely right about timing and we are enjoying our new car - though I am having to get used to parking something so much bigger in the garage (terrifying). 

Dear Baby: 11 short more weeks and you will be getting ready to make your arrival! I've said the entire pregnancy that I am certain you will be fashionably late to the party, but all of the Braxton Hicks I have sometimes make me wonder if I will be eating my words. :) Know that you are cherished beyond belief and that you have so many people counting down the days until your arrival! 

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