Monday, June 27, 2016

Bump Update: 33 Weeks

33 Weeks

Baby Size: Between 17.2 and 18.7 inches and between 4.2 - 5.8 lbs - as big as a stalk of celery! I truly can't believe every week how much he is growing, it is incredible! 

Feeling: Great! During the day I feel amazing, I've been able to continue workouts and sneak in more walks this week now that the humidity has died down (thank the Lord) which really helps keep my energy up. I did have a couple of nights of restlessness where I truly could not get comfortable. My belly feels like it needs support when I lie on my side but a pillow is a little too big for the job. It is hilarious how much carrying around a big old basketball at your waist line can switch up sleeping patterns. :)

For the sake of transparency, I should say that I also had some major feelings of frustration this week. Up until this point we were thankful to have received only positive and uplifting comments on our pregnancy, postpartum plans, etc. I truly thought we were lucky enough to escape all of the unsolicited advice, judgement and critiquing I so often hear about, but there was some of that and it was sad. Thankfully it has been completely outweighed by people who choose to support and love on us and I am so incredibly thankful for those people in our lives! I would also encourage anybody who is close to parents having a newborn to be respectful of their wishes - whatever they may be. Trust fellow mamas out there to do their research and listen to their instincts to make the best decision for their family and baby in their circumstances. Unless you are the father of the baby or were asked for your advice, it may be best to not share it. I know that I have SO much to learn and I have a handful of mommas I love and respect who I have sought out advice for on everything from baby gear to postpartum recovery. It has been incredibly helpful to have their thoughts and encouragement when I am questioning things - much more so than the middle aged man who I'm quite certain has never been pregnant and insists on forcing his child birth opinions on me. :) 

Food Cravings/ Aversions: No food aversions, but definitely trying to get in more protein and iron. My iron levels were the tiniest bit low at my GD appointment so I've been incorporating more red meat into my diet since then, but am focused on protein now as we get closer to L&D time! My midwives have said they see a really strong correlation in women who eat higher protein diets and less tearing/ easier recovery so that was enough motivation for me. I think Preston has been enjoying eating more steak as well. ;) 

Symptoms: Some crazy movement! Now that he is stretched across my entire abdomen, some of his full body twists and turns are not quite comfortable. I got woken up the other night because he was doing a full body twist and it didn't feel great - all I could think was, "Please, please, please don't turn yourself breech!" At our 34 week appointment I believe they will do a scan to confirm he is head down, which I certainly hope he is! 

I forgot to mention last week that I had a MAJOR case of pregnancy brain (or at least that is what I am blaming it on) last week. I left the house at lunch to go to a workout, which I do several times a week, except for this time... I LEFT THE OVEN ON WITH SWEET POTATOES IN IT. I didn't even think about it until I was driving home an hour later and had a "Ohhhhhh noooooo!!!!" moment. Fortunately, everything was fine and they were actually really delicious sweet potatoes. It did remind me to slow down and think about things instead of rushing from place to place! 

The last funny symptom has been a major case of lovey dovey feelings for lack of a better way to put it. There have been a few things Preston has done lately that I thought were really sweet (like seeing him at church on Father's Day and the first thing he told me was that he had installed Samuel's car seat base in his car). Well, when I think about those things later on I get SO sappy over them and have started crying a few times over the thoughtfulness - clearly there is a ton of oxytocin flowing in this body of mine! I should add that Preston laughed so hard when this happened that I thought he might cry himself. ;) 

Weight Gain: Didn't weigh myself 

Projects: Organized my dresser! Started testing some freezer meals (pesto quiche is the best so far)! Finished getting quite a few things that we still needed to purchase like our diaper pail, breast feeding pillow, car seat and bases, bassinet, postpartum supplies, etc. I also started stocking up on household things like toilet paper and paper towels (though I am sure I will do one final Costco trip right before he arrives). Preston put together our bassinet in our room and I love seeing it there every time I walk in! It makes it so real that in a few short weeks we will have Samuel sleeping next to us every night. 

Dear Samuel: The countdown is on, precious little man! Your dad and I have spent a lot of time talking this week about how excited we are to show you the world. We officially booked what I think will be your first plane flight - get ready to head to Seattle in November! We pray that you get our love of travel and exploring. You may hear a lot of scary things on the news and in conversation about this world that you are coming into but know that for every bad thing there are 1,000 good ones and always remember that most people are good and loving and helpful, and getting to go to new cities and meet new people is one of the best parts of life!