Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Bump Update: 34 Weeks

Baby Size: The size of a cantaloupe! About 4.75 lbs and almost 18 inches long. It really is incredible how quickly babies grow the third trimester! I continue to see women on birth boards who are due the same time I am give birth to ~6 lb babies which is incredible! 

Feeling: I had been feeling awesome up until our 34 week appointment. We had my normal appt, which was great and when the midwives felt Samuel they even commented that his position felt great. When we went to do the scan to confirm that he was head down, however, that wasn't the case and he is frank breech. It truly threw me for a loop - it was not the news I was expecting to hear (though if I am being honest with myself, there were a few signs that I had been trying to ignore like where I was feeling kicks and the change in my belly shape). I cried on the ultrasound table when they told me, I tried to hold it in but those darn tears snuck out. I tend to be such a planner and having my entire plan thrown off course (even temporarily which I am hoping is the case) is not something I have dealt with very well. It has been a reminder that God is in control, and no matter how hard I may work at trying to have a healthy pregnancy and do everything within my power for things to go smoothly, it is not in my hands. The most important thing is that we have a healthy baby who, if delivered today, would more than likely be A-ok, praise the Lord.

For those wondering what our plan is from here, it is to do everything in our power to try to get him to flip head down (we still have time - thank goodness). I've been doing Spinning Babies moves, had an appointment with a chiropractor trained in the Webster method, have an acupuncture appointment set up for next week, moxa sticks are on there way, I place ice packs on the top of my stomach daily and I've been having long conversations with Samuel and God asking them to help this momma out.

I think that one of the reasons I have been frustrated by this whole ordeal is because I have tried really, really hard to do everything right this pregnancy. I have worked out 3-4 times per week since the beginning, never skipped a day of prenatal vitamins and have eaten well. When I found out he was breech, the thoughts came swarming into my mind of, "Is this my fault? Should I not have been working out? Should I have rested more?". None of those thoughts are helpful and again I keep trying to remind myself that it is in God's hands and not mine. I truly know this is one of the absolute smallest, most minute things we could have to go through in the grand scheme of pregnancy. I am beyond thankful for a healthy baby boy and however he gets here, I can't wait to meet him in a matter of weeks!!

Food Cravings/ Aversions: Food continues to be easy, I did make a yummy batch of banana bread muffins which have been my indulgence this week. They have chia and flax seeds so I can at least pretend like they are healthy. ;) 

Symptoms: While I feel awesome during the day, night time discomfort continued this week. It is just hard to get and stay comfortable! My upper abs go numb/ feel funky and I get sore 'down there' - it is all just my body preparing for labor which is great, it just makes sleep a little more difficult. (After seeing the chiropractor, it turns out some of these are from misalignment in my body and so even after one adjustment I am feeling WAY better.)

Weight Gain: 21 lbs at my appt (though because of Samuel's position my belly was measuring ahead for the first time- which was my first clue that something was up)

Projects: Washed all of Samuel's blankets (his clothes have been washed for weeks, but I was waiting on blankets until we got a closer).  I also have my bags packed in case he decides to make an early appearance (I've been saying all along that he would bake for a long time but his position and how many Braxton Hicks I have makes me want to be prepared just in case). 

I think all of the crazy baby flipping things we're doing over here should count as their own project as well!! ;) Regardless of how he comes out, I know one day I will look back and laugh at my memories of Preston and I doing headstands in the pool trying to get our little boy to flip. 

Dear Samuel: I love you so much sweet little man! Please listen to your momma though, and if you are able to safely turn head down - now is the time. :) I trust you that if after all of the shenanigans I am putting you through you stay head up, you have a good reason for doing so and I can't wait to get you here into my arms safely. 

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