Saturday, July 16, 2016

Bump Update: 35 Weeks

Baby Size: As big as a pineapple! Nearly 19 inches and can be up to 5.8 lbs (but maybe even bigger based on my midwife's comments!) 

Feeling: It depends on if you were to ask me at the beginning or end of this week. :) Since finding out that Samuel was breech, I had gone to daily chiropractor appointments, done spinning babies, countless headstands in the pool, burned moxibustion by my feet, and went to an acupuncturist. I went to an appointment with my midwife a week after all of this and found out that Samuel had gotten even more cozy in his breech position - he was half frank breech (foot by his head) and half footling (foot down by his bottom). The midwife had planned to do a light version (she is known in the practice as the baby ninja) but after viewing Samuel's position and his size (she said he was a big, healthy baby based on her palpitations) she wasn't willing to try. She referred us to an OB who could do a version (ECV, essentially a procedure where a doctor tries to manually manipulate the baby by pressing/ moving aggressively on the stomach) in a hospital. 

I had known before the appointment that Samuel hadn't moved, but it was still hard to hear that nothing I was doing was working at all. My mom went with me (Preston was out of town) and after the appointment, when I was trying to hold it together, she told me that it was okay to be sad and mourn what I thought was going to be our birth experience. I don't think I've ever written about it here, but we have gone to an out-of-hospital birth center where we see midwives and were planning a natural birth there. I am a huge believer in midwifery care and in trusting a women's body's ability to do what it was created to do. A cesarean was not in my plan. In all honesty, from the day I found out he was breech, I cried every day for a week and a half. I was frustrated that this was happening, scared that something was wrong with Samuel, upset that I was one of the 7% of women with babies who are breech at 35 weeks and disappointed that the birth we had planned and envisioned wasn't going to happen. I also felt horribly guilty for being upset because I had a perfectly healthy baby boy growing in me and I know so many people who would kill for the chance to do that. 

When I woke up on Wednesday, though, I felt like an  new person. There was a weight taken off of my shoulders and I truly felt so thankful that we live in a time and place where I have access to a great hospital, skilled surgeon and am able to provide the safest delivery possible for my son. I felt like God had given me a whole new perspective - I have the complete joy and honor of growing Samuel in my stomach and however he comes into this world, it will be my plan, not God's plan.

Our situation is what c-sections are created for, and while I am pretty strongly opposed to unnecessary medical interventions (for myself), this is very much the safest option for Samuel and I am truly incredible thankful that he is healthy and that we even have this as an option. I've been coordinating several appointments to switch care and am breathing much easier after recognizing that I can't control everything here (obviously this was a lesson I needed to learn and I am glad God taught me it now though I am sure I will need to relearn it about 1,000 times).

Right now, I am truly feeling so happy and EXCITED that we get to meet our precious son so incredibly soon, thankful that he is growing big and healthy and appreciative that I continue to feel great physically this pregnancy.

Food Cravings/ Aversions: WATERMELON. All of the watermelon. It has been sounding so, so good - I actually ate half of one in a weekend which I am not proud of but it was just the most delicious thing I've ever tasted. Grapefruit has been extra delicious lately as well. I can tell my sweet tooth is sneaking out because I have been super tempted by things (fruit snacks, popsicles, etc) that we have at the house that I normally have no problem resisting. Trouble! 

Symptoms: This was my last week of doing Classpass workouts. With Samuel's position and my growing stomach, it was the right time to switch to walking, prenatal yoga and swimming as my forms of exercise. I had wondered how I would handle this because I have LOVED being active this pregnancy, but quite honestly I feel fantastic and am proud of myself for continuing with my normal regimen up until this point. It was funny, because right when I stopped the upper ab tingling/ strange sensation I'd been having relented which I took as a sign that this was exactly what my body needed.

Other symptoms include some big kicks from Samuel that radiate down my sciatic nerve and cause me to make funny 'OOOOOOHHHH boy' noises until they are over. :) Not the best thing that I have ever felt but so worth it to know that he still has some room to kick around in there. I do think that keeping up with my prenatal vitamins daily, eating well and drinking tons of water has really helped with how great this pregnancy has been (and hopefully continues to be!)

Weight Gain: 23 lbs

Projects: Doctor's/ midwives appointments galore (after only going 1/ month this whole pregnancy the last week has felt a little nuts!). I've also organized our baskets all throughout the house with our diaper/ feeding stations, deep  cleaned his nursery and playroom and started working on freezer meals! 

Dear Samuel: I can't believe I get to see your precious face in just a few weeks! After thinking we'd be waiting until mid August to meet you, the most exciting part of this change of plans is knowing that you will be here sooner than that. I've heard that many breech babies like to kick their way out early, but as excited as we are to meet you please stay in there and continue to bake - you have lots of important brain development the next couple of weeks! We love you and are so excited to be your parents my little love.

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