Friday, July 22, 2016

Bump Update: 36 Weeks

Baby Size: As big as a papaya! All of the apps say 6 lbs and 18.5 inches but based on what every midwife has told me this little man is measuring ahead of the curve. :)

Feeling: Really, really great. :) After finally wrapping my head around our change in birthing plans I've been feeling incredibly grateful that Samuel is safe and growing strong and that we are able to provide the safest birth possible for him. Overall I feel fantastic for being 9 months pregnant! I had a couple of days where I was a little bit more tired than usual but I think that is due to waking up every hour during the night to use the bathroom. :) It is definitely tougher to get comfortable at night but I think all of that is just getting me prepared for sleepless nights with Samuel! My mom slept over every night this week because Preston was out of town just in case something were to happen which I was incredibly grateful for - we had such a great time! 

I want to make sure I write here so I always remember how much I have truly loved being pregnant. Growing our son is such a privilege and I have absolutely loved carrying him with me everywhere I go these past nine months!

Food Cravings/ Aversions: All of the watermelon, grapefruit and fruit in general. Thank goodness for Costco!! I am not quite sure if this is a craving or normal summer fruit-loving but I do know that I wake up thinking about cold  watermelon from the fridge! 

Symptoms: Besides night time getting a little tricky to sleep, the only other symptom has been shooting sciatic pain when he does his huge kicks! It normally goes by fast but it definitely takes my breath away when it happens - Samuel you are one strong little dude!

Weight Gain: 25 lbs 

Projects: Repacked my (and Samuel's!) hospital bag (I had everything packed and ready to go for the birth center but since our switch up had to change things around - spending 6 hours post birth vs 3 days calls for a different packing strategy!). I also finished writing in Samuel's adorable baby book (thank you Hannah!) and have it ready to go in my bag for his sweet footprints at the hospital! I also did some more deep cleaning and organized Preston's closet and our pantry which were two areas that were haunting me. :) I finished both of those and got a little nervous that I didn't have an immediate project lined up - not to worry, I've found some areas that need some deep cleaning in the next couple of weeks!

Dear Samuel: My little love, I get to meet you in two and a half weeks! I keep getting nervous about your positioning there - I hope that you are comfortable, I know you're running out of space. I promise you can stretch those sweet legs out all day long once you are here! Know that we are SO incredibly excited to be your parents and I can't wait to kiss your sweet cheeks all day long. But please stay in there for a few more weeks - I want you to be as healthy as possible!!

(Also, I am a slacker this week and somehow didn't take any pictures! Oops!)

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