Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Bump Update: 37 Weeks

(If it looks like I carry high, it is because I am. My midwife's comment last week when looking for his head was 'HOLY COW HE IS WAAAAY UP THERE' - most of the time his head is right up at my ribs/ breast line!)

Baby Size: At my appointment this week my midwife said she thought he was already 7 lbs! I am so glad he is growing great, though I have to say I am surprised I don't feel more uncomfortable? (I am sure I will regret typing that sentence but I am going to enjoy it for now!) 

Feeling: So incredibly excited! Two weeks until our little man makes his appearance (we have a scheduled c-section because he incredibly comfy in his breech position and it is highly unlikely he will flip). It is so strange to know that I have a completely formed, full size Samuel in my stomach right now (in fact, if all of the midwife and OB predictions are right he is already bigger right now than I was when I was born full term!).

I told my sister this week that I am feeling (very naively, I'm sure) prepared for his arrival so I am going to enjoy that while I can! I think there is no way you can ever be completely ready but I at least now have a fridge/ freezer full of food and plenty of diapers and onesies (even though I fully plan on keeping him naked as much as possible because #babythighs). 

I think I wrote it last week but it worth saying again how thankful I am for this pregnancy and how much I love being the vessel that gets to bring Samuel into the world. I have long been fascinated with pregnancy and birth (aka my entire life) and getting to go through this myself has exceeded even my greatest expectations. I truly hope Samuel always knows how much he was and is wanted, loved and cherished from the time he was a tiny poppy seed in his momma's belly.

Food Cravings/ Aversions: Still just delicious fruit and really anything sweet and cold - cold watermelon, popsicles, coconut la croix with watermelon juice. 

Symptoms: Sleep gets a little iffy depending on the night but I honestly can't complain because somehow even on the nights that I wake up 6 or 7 times I still don't feel too tired the next day. Thank you Lord for small mercies! 

This week I also had my first experience with swelling WHAT IN THE WORLD. Only my right ankle decided to get a little bloated on me, and while not uncomfortable at all it did look horrible! I think it was because I was a bit more indulgent with eating and that is how my body handled the increase in sugar/ salt? Or maybe it is just because it is 100 degrees and I am 9 months pregnant ;) Either way it was pretty short lived and things are hopefully back to normal now!

Weight Gain: 26 lbs (I will admit that I had wanted to stay at 25 lbs total which is a silly self-imposed restriction. I give my body good food, stay active and balance it all out with some delicious ice cream (and chocolate croissants - the best morning surprise from my mom!) and I trust my body to regulate accordingly so CHILL THE HECK OUT SELF.) 

Projects: Did some deep cleaning, which made me realize a few more deep cleaning projects I want to get done next week (scrubbing walls and grout). While that sounds ridiculous, I am SO happy to have a project to focus on because I was starting to get a little stir crazy. I also need to get out into our yard and do some weeding but have been slacking on that front. Also, we refinanced our house! This was more of a Preston-driven project and I am SO happy he had us do it because we were able to get an awesome rate. For dad projects, he has also been spending time researching different college saving fund options - Samuel, you are one loved little man!

Dear Samuel: Sweet boy, how are you doing in there?! I keep continue to be nervous that you are uncomfortable but your kicks are reassuring me that you still have at least a tiny bit of room to wiggle in there. I hope that you always know how much I've treasured this time growing you and having you with me always. For your whole life, I hope that you know you were prayed for, wanted and loved more than you can even imagine.

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