Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Bump Update: 38 Weeks

This is my friend Brittany's ADORABLE newborn son, Blake. He was around 8 lbs here which is what they have estimated Samuel to be - which means I LITERALLY HAVE A BABY THIS SIZE in my belly! It was so crazy holding him and thinking about that. After snuggling Blake Preston and I have both commented at least a hundred times how excited we are to have Samuel here - we were both in heaven holding this sweet little man!

Baby Size: As big as a winter melon (whatever that is!) and close to 20 inches and 7 lbs according to apps. We will know so soon his real size! 

Feeling: In general, really awesome. I am amazed by how even this far into pregnancy I continue to feel great and am so, so thankful for that. It has been the most incredible thing to watch my body change and feel Samuel grow and I will always remember these nine months as some of the happiest and most meaningful of my whole life.

We did have a bit of another curve ball thrown our way when at our 38 week appointment our midwife and OB told us that I actually was a candidate for a version even though I had been told previously by a different practice that I wasn't. A version (or ECV) is a procedure where doctors will use their arms and elbows to essentially try to manually rotate breech or transverse babies into a head down position. I had been told by women that have had it done that it was barbaric/ worse pain than natural child birth and I felt conflicted as to whether or not we should try the procedure. My biggest worry stemmed from it being dangerous for Samuel, but my doctor reassured me that it was perfectly safe and would be done in a hospital setting and that should Samuel not react well we have a full term baby that we could immediately get out safely. 

I went back and forth and ultimately decided that if it gave him the chance to have more room (I have been getting really concerned about his comfort levels in there since he is upside down and twisted all around) and my doctors suggested it then we would try it. We did it on Thursday, when I was two days shy of 39 weeks (which is late to attempt a version - typically they are done at 37 weeks). It didn't work, and quite honestly I wasn't expecting it to based on the overall success rates and the things I had going against me (first time mom, full term baby, etc). He coped with everything really great and it was comforting to be able to monitor him before and after to ensure he was safe. I really did struggle when I got home and through the night emotionally being so, so worried about him and how the version felt for him. While I know that babies are protected in the womb, ECVs are aggressive and I hate thinking that it could have been as painful or uncomfortable for him as it was for me. I was up doing kick counts all night to confirm that he was still as active as he previously had been and he was (and continues to be). His safety is our top priority and we are so glad that we are going to be able to get him here safely in less than a week! He is one loved little boy and I can't wait to show him the world. 

Food Cravings/ Aversions: Fruit always sounds good - in our fridge this week is watermelon, cherries, peaches, blueberries, raspberries, apples, grapefruit cups and blackberries. Summer pregnancies get a bad rep but between being in the pool all of your third trimester and fresh fruit in season I have absolutely loved it! 

Symptoms: I have been feeling really good for the most part! Sleep was tough this week with getting up to go to the bathroom 100 times each night, and I had a few days where the lack of sleep caught up with me and I was more emotional than usual. I have also had a change in appetite - after returning to my normal hunger level the third trimester, this week I have noticed I get hungry more often and need to eat right then! Samuel gains a half a lb a week now, it sounds crazy but I can feel him sucking the calories from me, ha! I was also sore/ tender from the version for the second half of the week from the ECV - I missed being able to rub my belly and feel Samuel's sweet head right up in my ribs. :) In general, I am still so pleasantly surprised with how great I am feeling this far into pregnancy - it makes it really bittersweet to know that this incredible time of growing him is coming to an end so soon.

Weight Gain: Didn't weigh myself

Projects: Food, food and more food! I've done what I believe are our last grocery shopping trips, we have a stocked freezer full of meals and Costco snacks that I've strategically hidden in the kitchen at Preston's request so he doesn't eat them all before Samuel arrives. :) I also think our most fun date night has been squeezing in as many dates as we possibly can pre-babe! We have been to the dinner, movies, played games, swam our hearts out and explored Austin a bunch lately and I am loving it! I had kept our calendar pretty clear for July in case I wasn't feeling up to tons of plans but I have felt great and have loved having the free time to enjoy with Preston, friends and family!

Dear Samuel: My sweet love, you will be here late next week! I hope that you are ready to come into the world. Up until a few weeks ago, our plan had always been to let you choose when you would join us. A few days late, 41 weeks, I didn't care - you grow and bake as long as you want to. While I am still in no hurry, our safest option is to get you here right about when you are due through a cesarean. I worry about those bright lights on your precious, hardly working newborn eyes and about the fluid that will likely still be in your lungs. Know that I have made it very clear that barring any emergencies as soon as they take you out, you are coming straight to my chest where I will hold you for the next 18 years (just kidding - 18 months). Know that your dad will be right there, ready to snuggle you for hours on end, change your diapers, teach you how to throw a football. Know that you have a home waiting for you where you will ALWAYS be welcome, loved and safe. Know that your dad and I will do everything in our power to protect you as you grow into a toddler, a boy, a man. Know that you have tons of extended family on both sides who are beyond excited to meet you and already love you without ever seeing your face. Know that every single day for the next 18 years, your dad and I will make mistakes with this whole parenting thing. We will try our very best, but we are new to this and I hope you give us some grace and always remember that everything we do - including discipling you - is done because we love you more than we could ever put into words. See you soon, sweet Samuel. 

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