Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Bump Update: 39 Weeks

Our Moonshine skillet apple pie on our date night before Samuel was born!

Baby Size: We will know in just a couple of days! Samuel will be born two days before I hit 40 weeks so in a matter of days we'll get to know exactly his size! 

Feeling: Really amazing. I am so excited to meet this precious boy, every day I wake up it feels surreal that he will be here on THURSDAY!

Food Cravings/ Aversions: Still all the fruit, all the time! And delicious lemon cake made my mama for my birthday - my sister had a full spread of fresh fruit, enchiladas and then the lemon cake for my birthday celebration, this mama-to-be was in heaven! 

Symptoms: I had to turn around from one walk early the day before Samuel's birthday, which I was bummed about because I haven't had that happen! Fortunately Preston and I were able to go on one that evening to make up for it. :) Besides that, I would say nesting and over-the-top excitement tend to be the only symptoms. I will forever be thankful for such an amazing/ easy pregnancy!

Weight Gain: 27 lbs

Projects: Date nights, family game nights and enjoying the last few days pre-Samuel. And birthday celebrating, which was so fun! Preston took me to Barley Swine, an amazing farm-to-table Austin restaurant we have been wanting to try for years and on Sunday we went to Hamilton Pool which was GORGEOUS. 

Dear Samuel: I'm finishing this post now, post Samuel, and it seems impossible to write out just how excited I was for him and just how much he exceeded every expectation I ever had. This love is like nothing I've ever known! 

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