Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Samuel's First Weeks

This precious boy is nearly a month old and is a complete and total blessing. He has turned my world upside down in the best of ways and I truly can't imagine life without him. I want to remember so many moments of the past month....

One of our first family portraits as a family of three with our sweet 1 day old

-The amount of time I spent (and still do!) staring at Samuel is crazy! I am so in awe that he is ours forever. It feels so surreal that he is my son and that Preston and I get to keep him forever.

-The fierce protectiveness I feel over Samuel surprised me completely. I knew I would love him and naturally as his mom I would want to protect him, but it is truly overwhelming. The first week I hardly slept because I would watch him every minute of the night making sure he was breathing, safe, etc. This love is like nothing I have ever experienced!

-On night one in the hospital, Samuel had TEN dirty diapers which is pretty much unheard of! I still couldn't stand up from surgery, so every time he had one Preston was on duty - it was quite the initiation into fatherhood! At one point he was changing a poopy diaper, and Samuel went again mid diaper-change. Needless to say we were laughing all night {in our sleep deprived state everything was hilarious}.

-Watching your husband become a dad is one of the greatest things in the world. I never knew changing diapers would make me fall in love, but watching him so in his element with Samuel melted  my heart.

-This first week, nursing HURT. I will do a full post on our experience later, but the pain I had from nursing far outweighed my surgery recovery pain. I am SO glad we pushed through, but I think it is important to not sugar coat what the first couple of weeks are like - especially so other new mamas know what to expect and that it gets soooooooo much better!

-For the first four weeks of Samuel's life I didn't cook one meal. Our family and friends have spoiled us rotten with love and I am so thankful for the support they have provided. My mom, in particular, stayed at our house for the first two weeks we were home and cleaned, cooked and most importantly loved on Samuel, Preston and I. She was a lifesaver!!

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