Monday, October 10, 2016

Two Months of Samuel Jacob

As of October 4th, we have a two month old on our hands! The second month of Samuel's life has been so much fun. The first month we stayed pretty close to home, but this month we ventured out and experienced a lot of firsts for Samuel. He is such a fun little man and I love seeing his big personality come through more and more every day. Here are some of the highlights of his second month...

-Samuel rolled over for the first time at 4.5 weeks! Preston was doing tummy time with him and called me over and sure enough he rolled from his belly to his back. He definitely wasn't aware of what he was doing and has only done it a few times since but regardless we are impressed with him! He continues to hold his head up really well and is getting stronger by the day.

-He is suuuuch a happy baby. This month he has been flashing his big gummy smile and talking to us all of the time. He coos and loves when we get in conversations with him - I have a feeling I am going to have quite a social, talkative little man on my hands pretty soon here! He is definitely still my little velcro baby - we spend most of the day with him in my arms or me wearing him in my Solly. He doesn't love to be set down, but does have one toy that he likes: not his piano activity mat, not the Mamaroo, nope, his one toy he loves is the $20 Fisher Price bouncer I got him on a whim from Target. It has a lion toy on it that he will stare at and smile at, it is the sweetest thing!

-We have been out and about a ton lately. Samuel loves it too! He has had many trips to Trader Joe's, Costco, Target, coffee shops, sushi, etc and is almost always as happy as can be and then takes a great nap while we are out. Nap time goes so, so much smoother when we are out than when we are home.

-Samuel is definitely a morning person just like his mama. Most days he wakes up smiling and is ready to have long talks and snuggles with Preston and I. Occasionally he will be ready to start his day at 4 a.m. which is a little too early for this lady. :)

-Speaking of which, sleep for Samuel is... interesting. :) You know all of those Facebook posts of babies sleeping through the night at two weeks old? Yeah, that is so not us. It is to be expected - most breastfed babies need to eat during the night at this age! I make sure Samuel gets to bed early (if he gets overtired it is not pretty) and generally he falls asleep really easy. He'll then do a four hour stretch of sleep which is GLORIOUS. The second half of the night is much more unpredictable, most often he is up every two hours from that point. As long as I get the one four hour stretch I feel great. On days when it is every two hours all night the next day is rough (aka I am an emotional, tired mess). His favorite place to sleep is still on his mama, though he does tolerate the Rock N Play or Dock A Tot for a couple of hours. Praise the Lord for coffee!

-Schedule wise we are on demand and it works great for us. As much of a schedule person as I am, my view on babies is that when they are this little following their queues and eating/ taking naps as needed is the best and healthiest option. Some days Samuel eats every 3 hours, some days he is eating every 90 minutes and that is just fine. I have read books, blogs, and talked to many fellow parents and while I absolutely understand the benefits of having a set schedule it is something we will have plenty of time for later on. The only exception is bed time like I mentioned above - we have noticed the BIGGEST difference in Samuel's ability to fall asleep and stay asleep (as well as his overall mood) when he goes to bed early so we make sure to start our bedtime routine at 7:30 every night. Yes, it is early, but honestly it is sooo worth it so he gets sleep (and we get as much as possible too).

-Mom and dad are doing great. We got to go on our first post baby date thanks to Mimi watching Samuel and we had such an awesome time (and I didn't cry leaving Samuel and managed to only text my mom a few times during date. :) I've also been able to do some workouts since getting cleared at my 6 week postpartum appointment - it feels wonderful to get moving again!

-I think Samuel's favorite daily activity is our walks. Him and I do a morning walk everyday, and when we're lucky he falls asleep and that is his first nap of the day. We do a walk with dad after dinner when the weather finally cools down, Samuel is normally pretty alert and tries to take everything in!

-Samuel got to go to his first pumpkin patch! It was our second annual trip to Sweet Berry Farms and he did such a great job. It was our first longer drive with him (about 80 minutes) and he did great and then slept the whole time we were there (which made it pretty relaxing for me - thanks Samuel!). I may have gone a little nuts on pumpkins, but decorating for the holidays is way too much fun when you have a kid (even if he is too little to appreciate any of it!).

-Eating wise Samuel continues to be one hungry boy! He nurses often and this mama loves having that bonding time with him. He does have a sensitive stomach, and after some continuous symptoms (I have never thought I would be googling poop as much as I have the best month) I have cut out dairy, soy, eggs and peanuts which seem to be the main culprits. It has definitely switched up my diet and I am still figuring out ways to replace my normal meals and snacks but it it is 100% worth it for my little guy!

-He continues to get cuter and cuter by the day - and still looks exactly like his dad! We have had everybody from his pediatrician to my midwife to the housecleaner to neighbors comment on how much they look alike which is so sweet. So far Samuel still has my blue eyes (and my lips) so at least I got a little something in there ;). I must tell Preston a thousand times a day that I can't believe we made something quite so stinking cute and perfect. Preston has had a lot of fun bonding with Samuel this last month as he continues to become more and more interactive (the first month SJ and I were pretty much bonded at the hip so P didn't feel quite as close with him).

I couldn't imagine a sweeter boy in the whole world and I will never be able to say just how much I love motherhood. Samuel, it is such a joy and an honor to raise you and I can't wait for a million more memories with you my precious boy.