Friday, November 25, 2016

Thanksgiving 2016

Samuel's first Thanksgiving was so much fun!!! It was our second year hosting, but fortunately we have our sweet parents, my two sisters and our friends Tyler and Marissa who all bring so many dishes that we only have to do the fun parts - set the table and make the turkeys! It was an absolutely beautiful day, so Samuel and I started the morning off with a walk through the neighborhood where we got to see Preston playing in the annual Thanksgiving bowl. When we came home, we started the turkeys in the Traeger and got ready to play! 

It really was such a great day and I couldn't be any more thankful for my sweet family. Last year on Thanksgiving I woke up with sore boobs and a strong feeling that I was pregnant. It was too early to take a pregnancy test but I hoped and prayed that I was right. To wake up this year to precious Samuel's smile and snuggles felt surreal. He brings so much joy to our lives and I regularly have to pinch myself that this is real life. He is such a little blessing and being able to celebrate Thanksgiving wth him, surrounded by family and friends was wonderful. 

(Also, as I got ready to post this I prepared the most delicious bowl of Thanksgiving leftovers. Mashed sweet potatoes, green beans and turkey with the perfect amount of cranberry sauce and raspberry compote drizzled on top. As I prepared to bring it over to the couch, I somehow dropped it and it splattered ALL OVER the floor, my new Magnolia Market rug, the curtains, wall, French doors, ceiling and Preston's heads - no exaggeration. Easily one of my clumsiest moments ever!! Preston was gracious enough to help me clean it up but I will not be living this one down for a lonnnnnng time.)

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