Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Three Months of Samuel Jacob

This month has been so, so much fun. Samuel is the smiliest, silliest baby of all time. He is incredibly social and loves to be surrounded by people at all time, especially his mama. He is my little velcro baby and goes with me everywhere! This has been a busy month for us and we have had a ton of firsts for Samuel.

Likes: 3 month old Samuel loves snuggles with his mama, bath time, morning talks with dad, the mirror (he LOVES the mirror - the conversations he has with himself are endless), standing up support (with our hands supporting him of course), being worn in the Solly wrap, his sunglasses, nursing (like Preston says, he would live his life attached to a boob if he could).

Dislikes: Being separated from mom, being burped before he is finished eating, naps (he can fight sleep like no other!), being in the car without somebody entertaining him.

Stats: 24.5 inches and 14.9 lbs (He has grown SO much the last few weeks - he gained a full lb one week!)

Eating: Loooooves to eat. We still feed on demand so I don't pay to much attention to timing but we are probably right around every two hours during the day still. I think the biggest change is that he is a much more efficient eater, so now instead of a full feeding taking 40 minutes we are done in half of that.

Sleeping: In general, much better. Aside from one rough week Samuel has been going down around 7:30, doing a four hour stretch and then doing every two hours after that. Naps on the other hand are not anywhere near as predictable. His morning nap is the only consistent nap of the day, and we get that one at our stroller exercise class (I know how cheesy that sounds but it really is a great workout!) or on a walk. Besides that, Samuel tends to catnap and will fight going down for real naps.

Firsts: Oh man so many! First road trip and hotel stay (to Dallas so dad could go to a cowboy game) - Samuel did great! First swimming lesson, which was so cute, he enjoyed it but was a bit taken aback by the big pool and all of the activity. He also had his first plane flight the day before he turned 3 months old and did amazing. It was a four hour flight to Seattle and while he only slept for about 30 minutes of it he was happy the whole time! Voted in his first election (or accompanied me to vote at least). As soon as I entered in my voter access code, Samuel had a verrrrry loud bowel movement which definitely earned us some looks from the other sweet voters - sorry, fine citizens of Travis county!

Mood: So, so happy! He is the smiliest, happiest baby boy I have ever met. He gives smiles out freely and is such a little ham. I truly cannot get over how much fun he is. He is happy about 95% of the time, but when he is hungry, tired or wants mom - he is not afraid to pout his lip and/ or scream! He definitely inherited a bit of his mama's feistiness. ;)

Parents: We are doing great! This has definitely been our favorite month. I absolutely get nostalgic already that my little baby is growing up so fast, but he continues to get so fun and sweet that I can't complain. We are in much more of a rhythm and I feel so much more comfortable taking Samuel out and about which has been wonderful. We are truly so, so in love with our little man, I can't believe we ever lived without him!

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