Sunday, December 4, 2016

Four Months of Samuel

The past month with my precious boy has been so much fun. He is the most smiley, talkative, outgoing baby I have ever met. He absolutely loves flashing his big grin at people (especially babies and kids - he adores them). He talks and babbles all of the time, even while he is nursing and when he wakes up in the middle of the night for diaper changes. He is without a doubt my social butterfly and I love watching his personality emerge more and more everyday.

Four month old Samuel loves... 
-His parents (He is still my little velcro baby and I not-so-secretly love it. I hope you love me this much always buddy!) 
-Smiling, cooing and giggling all the time! He is so a happy baby and sooo interactive. He will talk to anybody who will listen but I think his conversations with his dad are his favorite. 
-When mom sings songs (he is the only person in the world who appreciates my voice ;)
-Swimming lessons - he loves them and is doing such a great job, his instructor comments often about how strong he is.
-Playing with friends - he really loves other babies and friends. In his swim classes he gets so excited when there are other babies there and can't help but smile at them the whole time, it is pretty darn cute!
 -Library story time
-Bathtime with mom
-Sucking his hands and putting absolutely everything in his mouth (pretty sure he is teething because he also drools soon much)
-TOYS! I had no idea he would be so interested in toys so early but he loves his bright, loud toys and it is so fun to watch him play with them.

Dislikes: Sleeping ;) And having to wait at all when he is hungry, tired or wants his mama - little man definitely inherited a bit of my feistiness and while he is happy 95% of the time he will definitely let you know when he is not!

Stats: Will update after his doctor appointment this week!

Eating: Still eating around the clock! We're still every two hours during the day and then at night he will do a 5 hours stretch and then every two hours from there. He has been sooo much more interested in everything that he will talk while nursing, pop up look around about 5 times per feeding (or sometimes pop up off, babble/ smile to me and then be ready to eat again). He cracks me up!

Personality: SO. MUCH. FUN. Samuel is such a social, happy, talkative boy with a BIG personality. He wakes up happy and our day always starts with the three of us in bed talking and SJ giving us big, gummy grin. He is interested in everything lately - especially bright lights and things that flash. Like I said above, he is happy most of the time, but when he isn't he will let you know. Little man has a bit of a temper and as my sweet mom put it, 'he may not be the most patient baby...'. Ha!

Sleeping: I'm not even sure I remember what sleep is anymore ;). In the beginning of the month we actually were in a really good rhythm. Samuel was sleeping 12 hours and waking up to eat twice which was awesome. Then, the four month sleep regression started a bit early and things got rough for a little while. Up at least every two hours, struggling to go back to sleep, etc. Fortunately we are starting to get back in our groove (I hope!!) and things are looking better, but no matter how many times he wakes up our little guy always wakes up full of smiles and ready for snuggles in the morning so I can't complain too much (though the bags under my eyes may beg to differ ;). Also, he's moved to sleeping in the bassinet next to our bed full time - I loved having him sleep with me but he gets such better rest in his Dock A Tot in the bassinet so that is where he is now. :)

Parents: We are still doing awesome! Definitely tired, but still great. :) I started work back part time this month and am so incredibly thankful to be able to work from home. We have a sweet babysitter who comes to the house to help with Samuel but fortunately I can still feed, cuddle and love on him - there is no way I would be able to leave him so I will forever be thankful that I have a job that gives me the flexibility to work from home. I have had so much fun meeting other mommas and keeping busy with Samuel - we go to Stroller Strides 3-4 times a week, swimming lessons, library story time, etc. I've said it before and I will say it again, I knew I would love being Samuel's mom but it is truly so much sweeter than my greatest expectations.

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