Wednesday, January 25, 2017

0-6 Month Favorites

I am still in a little bit of shock that I am going to have a six month old in less than two weeks. Time is flying by and I am truly trying to savor each moment with this sweet little man - even when I am bone tired from the third sleepless night in a row. ;) In the first six months, we have had a few tried and true products that have made both mine and Samuel's lives so much easier...

1. Bandana Bibs - These are amazing! At around three months Samuel started drooling like crazy and these were perfect to catch all of that so I wasn't changing his outfit every hour - and they are just so cute.

2. Uppa Baby Stroller - This was our biggest splurge purchase (and we actually found one gently used on OfferUp) but has been so incredibly worth it. It rides so smooth, is incredibly easy to assemble/ dissasemble, can be turned into a double stroller and it has a huge basket which is amazing for everything from Target runs to carting blankets and snacks to the park.

3. Bamboo Baby Towel - The softest, hooded towel you will ever need. Preston and I both die of cuteness when we wrap Samuel in this after bath time each night.

4. Cloth Diapers - These are the best burp clothes/ drool catchers/ life savers. Get a million of them.

5. Swaddle Blankets - Aden and Anais swaddle blankets are worth their weight in gold. We use a new one everyday, they are so soft and light weight - I wish they made adult sized ones.

6. Kinde Bottles and Bottle Warmer - I had worried that Samuel would be incredibly picky when it came to taking a bottle but sure enough he took to these Kinde bottles as soon as we introduced them at 6 weeks! The bottle bag attaches directly to your breast pump which is so nice - the less dishes the better!

7. Baby Einstein Jumper - My parents got this as an early Christmas present for Samuel and we started using it at 4 months. He LOVES it. It is one of the only toys that we will gladly play in/ entertain himself in. I can cook dinner, use the restroom or do the dishes and he will gladly sit in here and smile at the bird and frog - it is pretty cute.

8. Solly Baby Wrap - We LIVED in the Solly wrap the first four months of Samuel's life. It is so soft and cozy and there really is nothing better than having a sweet babe snuggled on your chest. Once Samuel hit the 16-17 lb mark we transitioned over to the Ergo for longer walks but still use our Solly around the house often.

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