Monday, January 9, 2017

Five Months of Samuel

Five month old Samuel is the most joyful, outgoing, fun little boy. Being his mom gives me so much joy, even when I am completely and utterly exhausted seeing the way he lights up as soon as he spots me makes my whole world right. This is absolutely the month where I am realizing how true the saying 'babies don't keep' is; he is growing so rapidly and there are very few signs of the newborn who used to spend all day snuggled in my arms. I am doing my very best to soak up every minute with him because he is so fun and time is going by so quickly.

Likes: He loves so many things!! His mama (he is my little mama's boy and I absolutely love it), singing and dancing, swimming, reading, playing in his jumperoo, his cousins, being the center of attention (he is my little extrovert), his toys (especially his Oball, Sophie and hippo), tummy time, fabrics/ textures (loves our pillows and my scarves), being worn (we've switched over to Ergobaby when we are out and about and he loves it) and spending time with other kids (especially his Stroller Strides baby friends).

Dislikes: Being in his car seat for longer than 15 minutes, not being able to have mom exactly when he wants, putting himself to sleep, not being able to reach toys when he wants them (he makes an angry face for that last one that is SO funny - I have a video of it I will put up next month. :)

Stats: We weighed him a week and a half before he turned five months and he was 18.6 lbs - little man is packing on the pounds and getting so big! He is outgrowing everything so quickly and is in 9 month onesies right now. Love that big boy so much!

Eating: He is about every three hours during the day and at night eating between 2-4 times (really hoping we get that down to 2 feeds during the night soon). He takes a bottle of pumped milk when we have date night or I have a work call during his nursing time but 99% of the time nurses. Him and I both love that time together!! He has definitely been a very distracted nurser during the day this month - if I talk at all he pops up off, if I am wearing a head band/ jacket with a zipper or any fun color or pattern it is very exciting to him and he will stop nursing ever 10 seconds to play with it and then resume eating. It is so cute watching his fascination with everything around him!

Personality: I sound like a broken record I'm sure, but he really is so, so fun. He is a ball of energy who wants to play, play, play. He is very social and loves being around other babies, kids and adults (especially his mom and dad and Mimi!). He is also a little flirt and will regularly dole huge smiles to whoever catches his eye. He does still have his fiery side and like I mentioned above, he makes a distinct 'angry' face that is pretty darn funny.

Sleeping: Oh boy. The four month sleep regression hit us hard. While some weeks were better than others, sleep in general has been pretty terrible. For multiple weeks Samuel was sleeping in mainly two hour chunks and wanted to be nursed every time he woke up. Preston was a trooper and tried to help as much as he possibly could but Samuel would scream if it wasn't me to pick him up. I tried everything for longer stretches - having him sleep on my chest, in bed, in bed with us in his dock a tot - all of it was the same. Thank goodness for coffee ;)

Firsts: Samuel had an awesome month of firsts! First Christmas, first NFL game, first time to Houston, first LAUGH (on Dec 19th, we were driving back from Houston and I started to sing Who Let the Dogs Out and he thought it was hilarious!) - I am sure there are many more I just can't think of right now!

Parents: So, so happy and so, so tired. This is definitely a sweet spot with Samuel - he is interactive, so happy but not yet mobile (though he absolutely wants to be). Going out in public with him is so easy - he loves the bustle of being out which makes my days so much more enjoyable. We do our stroller exercise class most mornings and then have library story time, play dates and swim lessons throughout the week so both him and I get plenty of social time. The lack of sleep has gotten to me - I would say most days are good but after a few sleepless nights in a row I hit a wall and struggle. (Thankfully I'm writing this after we've turned that corner I hope!). Overall this month has been wonderful and life with Samuel keeps getting better and better. I truly can't believe we're lucky enough to be this little man's parents.

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