Thursday, February 9, 2017

6 Months of Samuel

Six months?!?! How on earth is my precious little boy already 1/2 year old! It feels like such a milestone age and it makes me so thankful that we have a healthy, growing boy that I get to mother but also completely nostalgic. Time is passing quickly and Samuel is transforming in front of my eyes. He has picked up so many things the past month and this age is just so fun. He has Preston and I cracking up daily from his silliness. Samuel is such a happy baby and I couldn't love him anymore.

Fabrics/ textures - Especially our headboard, he gets the biggest smile when I stand him up in the morning and let him play with it.

Grass! We've started to do wiggle time at the park on our walks and the second Samuel discovered the grass he fell in love. Now he can find a way to push and move his blanket in order to get to the grass as quick as possible. I'm so glad this boy loves being outside as much as his parents!!

Cups - He is obsessed with my water cup and loves to put his mouth around the straw and hold it himself (my mom gave me a new one with a blue lid that I actually have to hide from him while I am nursing him or else he is too distracted and won't eat).

Walks - We do at least one walk around the neighborhood lately and he loves to take in the scenery, people and animals.

Being worn (Our workout class cuts into his nap time so he gets cranky the last 20 minutes but the second that I take him out of the stroller and put him in the Ergo he is all smiles and laughs.)

His momma, dad and Mimi - seriously, he is a really social baby and loves people in general but his excitement he sees when I walk in a room (after being gone for like 2 minutes) absolutely melts my heart. He absolutely adores his dad and gets so excited when he gets home from work everyday. And him and his Mimi have such a special bond, he recognizes her voice when I talk to her everyday which is precious.

Books and songs - I read and sing to him about a hundred times a day and he loves it. His favorite song right now is 'Wheels on the Bus' and his favorite book is a soft Melissa & Doug peek-a-boo book.

Laundry - He loves watching the washer and dryer going, especially when I have bright colors in there. When I have to get something done (like work conference calls when our babysitter was sick) I would put him in his jumper in front of the washer and he was happy as a clam.

Dislikes: Sleeping longer than two hour stretches at night and teething. Both are just as fun as they sound...

Stats: We will get his official six month stats at his appointment this week, but when we went in for a sick visit recently he was 20 LBS! I knew he was big, but now we have proof - Samuel and his chunky thighs aren't messing around!

Eating: Samuel has been a distracted eater the last two months but I think it is at peak this month. If I take a sip of water, somebody in the room says something, I'm wearing a color that he likes, his clothes have characters on them, etc, etc - it is way too distracting and he will focus on that rather than nursing. I can't help but laugh because it is hilarious when he pops off to smile at me, then grab my jacket zipper and then start talking to me, however the downside is that I think he is getting most of his calories from his night time nursing which makes for one exhausted momma. For solids, we just started his first food (avocados) on his six month birthday - so far, so good!

Sleeping: Terrible! We had started to get a bit better at the beginning of the month and then it took a turn for the worse and then Samuel got sick and then he started teething - it has been rough. Samuel sleeps in our room and after he wakes up from his long stretch (6/ 6:30 - 10) I usually pull him into bed with me because it is so much easier. I absolutely love the snuggles but not getting more than an hour or two of sleep at a time is wearing me down!! On the bright side, his napping has gotten so much better. He is taking 2-3 naps a day in his Dock a Tot normally totaling 2.5-3 hours of nap time. I definitely have to work to get him down but it is worth it because I can be so productive during that time!

Personality: So, so much fun. Samuel is really such a happy, silly, curious, fun boy. He has a big personality and loves to make silly faces, sing songs with us, and talk talk talk. He is incredibly social and really loves when he is surrounded by people (and loves to be the center of attention!) He continues to be a big flirt and will flash his big smile at strangers until they coo at him. He is also very affectionate and loves to give me big open mouth kisses - in fact he actually gave me a HICKEY ON MY FACE recently. I took him off as soon as I realized he was sucking my face but in the 2 seconds he managed to give me a hickey that was there for a week!!

Besides being really happy, Samuel is also pretty chill about most things. He will take breastmilk from a bottle warm, room temperature or cold, never gets upset when I take him out in the cold weather (we do our Stroller exercise classes most mornings so he is used to getting bundled up), really he is pretty go with the flow about most things. When he is hungry or tired he will definitely get upset but we are in a pretty good groove with our routine so he rarely gets over-tired or starving.

Firsts: Graduated from his baby swim class, got his first tooth, got sick for the first time (I thought it was just a normal cold but it turned out to be RSV. Fortunately he was strong enough to fight it at home with plenty of steam showers, saline spray and kisses from mom.), first time on a swing, sat up by himself... I am sure I am forgetting things - it was a big month!

(I'm sure this is going to embarrass Samuel some day but I cannot get over those sweet cheeks!!!!)

Parents: We are doing really, really good. Well - now I am. I put in notice to my job and finished up my last weeks there this month (my last day was two days before Samuel turned 6 months). While I am so thankful to have had a job where I worked from home and never had to leave Samuel, it was still a full time job (that I was trying to squeeze into part time hours - I don't recommend that!) and I felt a huge burden as soon as I gave notice. Time is flying by so quickly (as I have said 100 times) and I really want to have the time to soak up Samuel and his babyness and I am very thankful I have a supportive husband and am able to do so. It is absolutely stressful in some ways (we have had to reign our budget way in and finances will be tight while we figure out our new normal) but I will gladly make those trade offs to get to spend my days with my smiley boy. There will be plenty of seasons in my life where I will want to focus on advancing my career (and I am very excited about them!) but right now I am very comfortable and excited about my decision to stay home.

We also celebrated Preston's 29th birthday this month!! We had a really fun date night and then night out with friends. It felt so sweet for me to come downstairs with Samuel to get Preston's birthday breakfast (french toast casserole, always) ready - having our own little man just makes holidays (and all the days) feel so special!

Samuel, I truly hope you know how much you are adored. You make our life so fun and give us so much purpose. I can never put into words how blessed we are that God choose us to be your parents.

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